energy solutions


Pauwels Transformers specializes in electrical turnkey projects and has an impressive list of references covering over 50 countries, ranging from Australia to Zimbabwe.

Conventional AIS and GIS substations ranging 
up to 500 kV, carried out for large industrial customers as well as for electricity utilities. 

Mobile substations 
are fully equipped electrical substations mounted on semi-trailers. Fast integration into the network and the ability to reuse them at other locations are the main advantages of these mobile units. In addition to that, the erection and commissioning time of the substation and the civil construction works are reduced to a minimum. That is because the mobile substation is completely pre-assembled and tested at the plant. Our scope ranges from mobile transformers to complete mobile substations with a maximum voltage rating of 400 kV and a maximum output of 500 MVA. 

Modular compact substations 
When space is at a premium, the Systems Division provides compact substation solutions such as modular substations. The concept developed by Pauwels system engineers consists often of three separate modules: high voltage equipment, power transformer and medium voltage equipment. Each module is mounted on skids. The modules are designed in such a way that transportation is easy and installation times short. They are pre-assembled at the Pauwels Transformer facilities. Before leaving the factory, the substation is fully tested.

  • Mobile Substations
  • WindSub onshore & offshore
  • Modular Substations
  • Mobile Capacitor Banks
  • Mobile Circuit Breakers or Switchers
  • Conventional AIS & GIS substations