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Pauwels Transformers is a specialist in mobile and compact modular substations. Its turnkey substation projects up to 500 kV have been commissioned across the world. 

Its clients include large industrial and renewables customers as well as electricity utilities. Pauwels has accumulated an impressive list of references covering over 50 countries.


Sustainable electrical energy will continue to be the main carrier of energy globally for the benefit of generations to come. This evolution will be driven by further constant innovation, ensuring sustainability, embracing circular economies & careful use of natural resources, contributing to global CO2 reductions towards a zero emission world growth. Pauwels Transformers views electrical energy transmission as a main contributor and enabler of a sustainable growth globally. This technological challenge and vision is the driving force and an appealing motivator to all our stakeholders.


Pauwels Transformers is dedicated to enabling and serving the rapidly changing energy markets and electrical transmission needs of its customers by designing, supplying, installing and maintaining reliable, sustainable, competitive and innovative solutions. We embrace Corporate Responsibility in the broadest sense to all our stakeholders, by optimizing resources, implementing safe and healthy working environments, offering equal opportunities, embracing diversity and growing human capital. 


Values shares by its people on all levels are the driving force of any sustainable organization. The ideology for Pauwels Transformers’s business emanates from its 5 values of Performance Excellence, Leading Edge Knowledge, Nurturance, Customer Orientation and Intellectual Honesty. These values articulate the basic behaviours that every employee is expected to display in business situations and these form the core principles for all actions.

History of Pauwels in Belgium, Over 70 years of experience.


The start…

Pauwels manufactures its first transformers in its facility in the center of Mechelen.



Pauwels moves to a larger industrial site in Mechelen and continues its growth internationally with manufacturing plants in US, Ireland, Indonesia, Canada.


Partnership with EIC…

Pauwels creates joint-venture in Saudi Arabia for distribution transformer, called STC. This marks the start of a long lasting technology partnership with EIC group.


Growth …

Pauwels acquires the ACEC transformer manufacturing plant in Ghent and the ACEC services business in Charleroi.


CG …

Pauwels Group is acquired by Crompton Greaves Group (CG India).


CG ..

Company name changes from Pauwels Trafo Belgium to CG Power Systems Belgium NV.


Pauwels is back …

The Belgian transformers plant restarts as Pauwels Transformers NV, as an EIC group company, joining the group of 1600 employees and by focusing on its core competences and relaunching its existing and internationally recognized “Pauwels” brand.


Sales and customer service

Pauwels Transformers is a focused and market-driven organization, set up to ensure the shortest possible lines of communication between customers and the company. Pauwels Transformers has expert knowledge of local conditions and customers’ requirements. The Pauwels Transformers strategy is based on creating solutions for its customers, combining state-of-the-art technology and manufacturing with international systems and aftersales services, making sure that project needs are met, anywhere in the world.

Manufacturing with state-of-the-art and dedicated machinery. 

Pauwels Transformers production plant started already in 1947 when the founder, Mr Emmanuel Pauwels created the company. The plant became soon a landmark in the Mechelen region and has spearheaded all technological developments since then. The company grew, first as the Belgian headquartered Pauwels group, and later as the CG Power division within the CG Group. The Pauwels transformers plant in Mechelen (Belgium) is well equipped with modern machinery for fast and efficient production and extensive testing of transformers. The location is well accessible for road transport with its proximity to the highway network, as well as a direct link from Mechelen over water to the international port of Antwerp. The manufacturing facilities are located on the site with over 60.000 sq. m industrial surface.

Pauwels Transformer technology

The Mechelen site acts as the technological innovation center for transformers within the EIC group. All designs of Transformers within the EIC group are based on the same, in house developed, design support software platforms that are based on more than 75 years of transformer design experience. Already since the early 80’s, technology cooperation and sharing agreements were in place between Pauwels and the EIC group entities. Best design practices are shared within the EIC group companies for continuous improvement. New innovations include Smart Distribution and City Transformers, SLIM compact Transformers, Bio-SLIM compact transformers with bio-degradable cooling fluids, dedicated designs for renewable generation and storage applications.

Pauwels Transformers – Unique value propositions