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Distribution transformers 

Pauwels Transformers offers a wide range of standard liquid-filled distribution transformers (as per EN50708) for the distribution of electricity to customers. The standard product range also includes SLIM ® transformers that are smaller, lighter, capable of handling severe overloads and safer because of the application of Class K dielectric fluids. In addition, Pauwels Transformers offers Bio-SLIM ® transformers with a fully biodegradable transformer fluid, as a result of which it can be used in environmentally sensitive locations, such as for renewable energy in solar, onshore and offshore wind applications. In addition to the standard range, Pauwels Transformers manufactures special transformers for industrial applications. These non-standard types are the result of extensive product development based on constant monitoring and evaluation of changing customer requirements. In some cases, special customer requirements have led to the development of a new, customized product. Special distribution transformers have specific mechanical and/or electrical characteristics. Usually, these special transformer types are designed in such a way that they can be manufactured using standard production methods, requiring few modifications in the production process.

IEC and ANSI standard, Eco norm and ATEX designs. Up to 72kV 30MVA.

Bio Slim 006

SLIM Transformer®

Bio-SLIM® Distribution Transformers

Pad-Mount Modular Distribution Centers

CG Power Mechelen, Belgium Plant – September 18, 2010

Small Power Distribution Transformers

Generator step-up transformer

Traction distribution transformers

Solar, wind  and storage transformers

Power transformers

Pauwels Transformers has extensive expertise in the design and manufacturing of high voltage power transformers – top of the range for the transmission of electrical energy. Each power transformer is individually designed to be completely in accordance with the customer’s needs, meeting the most stringent requirement and applications. Pauwels Transformers provides its customers with efficient and innovative solutions, always anticipating their needs. Pauwels Transformers has established its reputation as a manufacturer of quality power transformers. The company takes pride in manufacturing products with a safe and reliable performance, providing excellent life-cycle value.

IEC and ANSI standard, Eco norm and ATEX designs. Up to 525kV 750MVA (up to 1000MVA for autotransformer designs).


Large Power Transformers

Generator Step-up Transformers

Phase-shifting Transformers

Mobile Transformers

CG Power Mechelen, Belgium Plant – September 18, 2010

Small Power Transformers