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As a leading engineering company, Pauwels Transformers provides end-to-end solutions, helping its customers use electrical power effectively and increase sustainable productivity. 

As a technological pioneer, Pauwels  will continue to deliver innovative solutions to connect renewable energy, such as solar, wind, storage, to the grid. 

From its established manufacturing base in Belgium, Pauwels Transformers spans all over the globe and along with its EIC group companies employs more than 1.600 employees worldwide with diverse nationalities and cultures. 

A marketing network of more than 50 representatives spans the globe, offering the entire range of Pauwels Transformers and EIC’s products, solutions and services.

Following the restart of the business in April 2021, Pauwels Transformers has now continued its existing scope of business with the acquisition of all assets, know-how and IP of the former CG Power Systems Belgium activities in Mechelen. Pauwels operates from the existing manufacturing plant and as such it has acquired all historically accumulated know-how and experience of electrical transmission business of the Pauwels Group and the CG Group at the Mechelen site. The Pauwels transformer design platforms, and all subsequent innovations, have been commonly used and shared within EIC group plants since the early 80’s.

With more than 75 years experience in the engineering and manufacturing of high quality, cost-efficient electrical equipment, Pauwels Transformers also offers extensive services in all related fields, including project engineering and turnkey solutions. The company is an established reputable and reliable partner in electrical power engineering, using the most advanced technology and the highest production standards.

Pauwels Transformers develops innovative,
high-quality, reliable products, mobile & modular substations and turnkey solutions for a wide range of power applications and offers its customers vast experience in the renewable energy sector.


As a world leader in the design and manufacturing of single- and three-phase distribution and power transformers up to 500kV, Pauwels Transformers has more than two decades of experience with transformers especially designed for use in renewable power applications. 

Pauwels Transformers designs its transformers to meet and exceed the highest energy efficiency standards. Until today, thousands of SLIM® and BioSLIM® transformers have successfully been installed all around the globe. 

These specialized transformer types are the result of extensive product development based on constant monitoring and evaluation of changing customer requirements.


Pauwels Transformers is a specialist in mobile and compact modular substations. Its turnkey substation projects up to 500 kV have been commissioned across the world. 

Its clients include large industrial and renewables customers as well as electricity utilities. Pauwels has accumulated an impressive list of references covering over 50 countries.


Finally, Pauwels offers a full range of after-sales services. They install, maintain, refurbish and repair transformers and substations worldwide. 

As a total solution provider, it also delivers life extension programs supported by condition-based monitoring systems as well as numerous accessories and spare parts for transformers.

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